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i'm tired now -.-
Saturday, August 13, 2011 | 8/13/2011 04:09:00 PM | 0 comments
and now i fell so tired . u know what , every time i see you . i fell like to cry .. uhh . what must i do for put an end of all my sadness ? do you love me ? do you miss me ? no right . you don't love me like i love you , you don't miss me like i miss you .. but i need you in my life . now what should i do . dear ~ i still remember what you say to me although that's not true . but i'm still believe that . and now i having know , what must i love someone that not love me ? but i want you know that  iloveyousomuch .

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Assalamualaikum, me Siti. Hi Mr. and Mrs yg gorgeous. Dah masuk tu ringan-ringan la tangan tu mengFollow ehh? Thankyouu ♥ Jasa baik anda amat saya hargai. :D


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